John Buchaniec was a game design student at Columbia College Chicago, but before that he was always someone who wanted make things.. He had always been fascinated with the world of game development, having spent considerable time as a youth playing many games, and decided it was something he wanted to pursue for his college career beginning in 2016. In that time, he’d grown accustomed to the act of development and loved to come up with ideas to test out or explore. But during his tenure, he made an enlightening discovery: his love of voiceover!

Since then he has been hard at work expanding his abilities in the field of voiceover, and has produced demos for commercials, video games, cartoons and narration-centric media. In fact, he fell in love with it so much that it quickly became his primary focus for a career, and has been working tirelessly to hit the ground running! He has a youthful voice with a notable midwestern dialect, able to effortlessly speak the language of the generation and connect with the audience to create a meaningful performance no matter the project. Whether it be goofy, serious, heartfelt or anything in between, she can do it.